05th November, 2014 by Samuel Watts

How to create and assign members to a group.

1. Click on the admin tab to on the left hand menu.

Admin Tab

2. Click on the Admin Dashboard option.

Admin Dashboard Button

3. This takes you through to the Envisage Admin Dashboard.

Envisage Admin Dashboard

4. Click on the View groups button located on the CMS Users tab.

CMS Users Tab

5. This takes you through to the Envisage CMS User Groups area.

Envisage CMS USer Groups Area

6. Click on the New group button to the left of the screen.

New Group Button

7. This takes you through to the New CMS User Group area.

 New CMS User Group Area

8. For this demo we are going to name our group “Envisage”.

Envisage Group Name

9. Once the group is named, click the “Create group” button.

Create Group Button

10. Now, the new group should appear under the all groups section.

All Groups Section

11. Now go back to the Admin Dashboard and click on the View users button on the CMS Users tab.

CMS Users Tab

12. This takes you to the Envisage CMS Users area.

Envisage CMS Users Area

13. Click on the Edit button on the user of your choice.

Edit Button

14. This takes you through to the Edit User area.

Edit User Area

15. Under the users picture, you can select which groups you want the user to belong to.

User Groups

16. Click on the desired group.

User Group Selected

17. Click on the update user button below the user groups area.

Update User Details

18. Now the selected user belongs to the selected group.

Selected Group

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