05th November, 2014 by George Elliott

How to add packages to events.

This tutorial will show users how to create packages for events within envisage.

What is a package?

A package is where you can have more than one part of the event offered together. This can then be serperately priced from the event and even include deals. If you want to offer a deal to certain people it also allows you to create a special access code this means only they will be able to access it.

How to do it

1. On the main dashboard click the events manager on the side menu (Select the one that look like a calender)

2. Once you have clicked the menu you will then need to select the event you wish to add a package to if you haven't created an event click here to find out how to create one. Once you have found the event click edit to create a package. 

3. Once you have clicked edit on the menu on the side click Packages. When that has been done click add new package which should appear on the right side 

4. When you have selected add new package  you will see a screen like below is this section you will enter the name of the package, a description, delegate type, access code (If required), amount available, and what is included in the package.

5. Once you do that you can add form questions this will allow you to customise packages more towards customers tastes. To do this on the menu once the desired package has been selected on the side menu. You need to select Form questions.

6. When you have selected this the screen below would appear. from here you can add question. Which and you can select an answer method from the available examples. For example if you select drop down list you will be able to assign a certain options so if someone answered yes to a question they might have an extra event to someone who answered no to the same question. Other option include checkboxes, radio buttons, text boxes aswell as others.

7. when you go to edit a answer to a question this screen will appear on this screen you are able to select what happens if you choose a certain answer. This can cater packages to suit customers better and adjust the price depending on how they answer.

Form Questions Area

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