03rd December, 2014 by Samuel Watts

How to build a blog.

Creating your Blog Homepage

To create your 'Blog Homepage' you will need to create a new page within your site structure where you want the blog to sit. If you don't know how to create a new page or need refreshing, you can follow the 'How to add a page' article as found below:

How to add a page

Once you have got to 'Part 5' of creating your page:

"This will open a new page panel which allows you to enter the page title, description and select the template for the page."

The last task you need to do is to change the default 'Template' for the Blog to the 'BlogHome' template, we copied when we moved the files in the Envisage blog install.


This will set the Blogs template to be the 'BlogHome' template, the last thing we need to do it click the 'Create new page' button and our blog home is created.

New Blog Page

Creating your first Blog Article

To create your first 'Blog Article' you will need to create a new 'Blog' page. The best place to create your articles is under your 'Blog Homepage'. You will need to copy the same step when creating your 'Blog Homepage', up until the last step, where this time we will be using the 'BlogPost' template instead of the 'BlogHome'.

My First Blog Post

Tagging your Blog Post

The last thin you need to do to make your new blog post visible throughout all of the blog controls, is to tag it as a 'Blog Article'. If you do not know how to tag a page with a metadata form or you need refreshing, you can follow the article the article:

'(Tagging a page metadata)'

Once you've navigated to the 'Advanced Metadata' tab within the 'Page Properties' you need to click on te 'Edit' button, for the 'Blog Article' metadata form:


This will display the 'Blog Article' metadata form we created in the Blog install. All you need to do it complete the form, and click the save button. 

The form consists of:

  • Blog Title
  • Blog Category
  • Blog Short Description

The data from the metadata form will be used to display the Blog post within the controls throughout the site, including:

  • Latest Blog Posts
  • Blogs By Author
  • Blogs By Category
  • Blog Archive

If you haven't installed the Envisage Blog Package, please follow our how to guide below.

How to install the Envisage blog

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