05th November, 2014 by Samuel Watts

How to add a page with Envisage.

1. Select the site structure icon from the left side menu

Left Hand Menu

Left Side Menu

Site Structure Button

Site Structure Icon

2. Once selected, the site structure will be displayed allowing you to add, customise and delete pages.

Site Structure Display

3. Then find the area you want to create a new page under and click the three lines to the right of it (For demo purposes I will select the section "Demo")

Demo Page

4. This will open the options panel, click on add page from the options panel.

Demo Page Details

Add Page Button

5. This will open a new page panel which allows you to enter the page title, description and select the template for the page.

New Page Panel

6. Once filled in click on the "Create new page" button.

New Page Panel Filled

7. The new page will then be displayed in the site structure under the "Demo" section.

New Demo Page Ready

If you want to know how to delete a page click here!

If you want to know how to submit and approve a page click here!


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