05th November, 2014 by Samuel Watts

How to add a new URL to a page in Envisage.

1. Click on the little arrow to the left of the Envisage logo at the top of the editor.

Envisage Logo

2. This opens a pop-out menu that displays all the page on the site.

Pages Pop Out

3. Select the page you want to assign a new URL to (For this demo I will be using the Error404 page).

Error 404 Page

4. Right click on the selected page, this will open the pages menu.

Error Page Menu

5. Click on the properties tab.

Error Prop Tab

6. This takes you through to the Error404 page properties.

Error404 Page Properties

7. Click on the URLs tab on the menu.

URLs Tab

8. This will open the Page URLs area, which displays the websites current (Primary) URL.

Page URLs Area

9. At the bottom of the screen there is the New URL area.

New URL Area

10. Write the new URL into the input area.

New Url Area Finished

11. Insert the new URL and make this URL the new primary one.

12. Click on the Save New URL button.

Save New Url

13. The new URL appears under the page URLs area, but isn't live yet.

Not Live

14. Submit the page.

15. Click on the admin tab, and go to page approval.

Admin Dashboard Button

16. The page you've edited is now in the page approval area.

Page Approval URL

17. Click the approve button.

Approved URL

18. Once approved you're ready to use your new URL.

Here is an exmaple of this new URL in action.

New Working Url

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