05th November, 2014 by George Elliott

Deleting a content block.

Once you have created your page and chosen your template you would have added some content block, if not come across the ones within the template. As a default a lot of the templates have default content and layout already to them. If you want to delete a content area you have added by mistake or remove a default area, these few simple steps will show you how.

1. Selecting your content area

The first thing you need to do is select the content area you are looking to delete. When the page is loaded your content areas will be shown by a dotted outline, as shown below:

Content Entered

If you click within your content area, the content menu will be displayed to you:

Content Header Tab

2. Deleting your area

To delete your area you need to click on the edit button within the content menu:

Content Edit Button

This menu will show you all of the editing options for the area, including ‘Delete’:

Delete Content Area


Clicking on the delete button will delete your content area and save the page, you will NOT get a warning message before it deletes it and will display the ‘Saving page box’.

Saving Page Pop Up

Once the page has been saved, the content block has now been deleted, as shown below:

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