05th November, 2014 by Samuel Watts

Adding a plugin to your page.

If you wish to add a default or custom plugin to your page then you need to follow these few simple steps and you will have your first plugin added in no time.

  1. Choosing where to add your plugin

The first thing you need to do is choose where to add your plugin within your page. Every page has a template (See article, How to change your pages template.) and within your template you will find your content blocks. Envisage gives you the option of adding a plugin or another content block (see article - Adding content block) above or below a current content block:

The below image shows a content block, this is clear by the dotted area around the content:

Content Block

If you hover over the block you will 2 buttons appear, showing you where you can add your plugin:

Two Buttons Close

Two button Far

If you hover over a button you will see it change colour, showing you where the plugin will be added, in this instance we are going to add the plugin below the block:

Below Button

Clicking on the button will pull up the menu, where you can choose your plugin to add.

Plugin Menu

The menu will show you all installed plugins within your site (see article - how to create a plugin / how to install a plugin). Once you click on your chosen plugin, the plugins config box will appear. In this instance we are going to Latest News:

Config Box

As you can see, this plugin does not contain any config settings, so the last thing to do is to click the 'Save' button, to add the plugin to your page: Below you can see the added plugin in the exact area where we wanted to add it.

Content Area FilledPlugin with settings

In the above axample we added a plugin with no config settings. We will now another plugin to the page, but this time the plugin will have some settings we will need to fill in the make the plugin work, (see article - creating a plugin with settings).

We need to follow the same steps as above and bring up the plugin menu by clicking on the add new button above or below our chosen block:

Envisage Plugins

This time we are going to add a video to our page, so we need to click on the 'Add a video' plugin. This will then bring up the plugins config settings:

Video Config

The settings for this plugin are shown above. For this plugin we need to enter the URL of the YouTube or Vimeo video we want to add to our page. it is also asking for the height and width of the video panel we are planning on adding. Some values are supplied as default but can be changed to meet our needs. The example below shows the filled in config settings:

Video Settings

The last thing to do again is to click the 'Save' button to add the plugin to our page:

Video Preview

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