12th November, 2014 by George Elliott

Google Insights Page Speed.

Another great feature that is built in with envisage is google insights page speed functionailty  this allows you to test the page and it recommends improvements to speed up your page.

To access this feature you first need to go to a pages properties you can do this by opening the site structure then going to the properties.

google insights page speed

Once you have done that you will need to select page speed from the top menu. The link for the page will appear on the page then to run the test you simply need to click run test.

google insights page speed 2

Below is the first thing that is produced from the test you will get a score out of 100 the higher the score the better the page. The Page meta title can be set in page properties by entering a value into seo meta title.

PageSpeed Score

Page Speed Score Displayed

The Major benefit of this is that it recommends ways to improve your page speed and puts the fixes in to two categories 'should fix' and 'consider fixing' and alsop tells you how to fix them. To view this click on show how to fix. It also tells you what you have done right this lets you know what a good job you have been doing.

Should Fix 

Important Recommendations

Consider Fixing

Medium Recommendations


Passed Areas


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