12th November, 2014 by George Elliott

Google Analytics.

Google analytics is great way of tracking how many people are using your website. and too keep things simple, with envisage you can access your websites statistics through the menu. In this article I will explain what each section of the analytics means and how you can use this information.

Firstly to access google analytics you need to clickon the graph button on the menu

Google analytic envisage

Once you have clicked on that part of the menu the first thing you notice will be a large graph this will give a daily rundown of how many people visited the site over the course of a month. as you can see by this example the minimum people that have visited the site over the month was 2 and the maximum was 27. 

Analytics Chart

Below is some of the statistics that you will recieve these stats abot your website over the life it has been running.

Analytics Total

Total Visits is the number of people who have visited the site.

Total unique visitors are the number of new people who have visisted your site.

Pecentage of new visits tells you the percetage o new visitors to the site.

Below are some more statistics available

Analytics AverageAverage time spent of site tells you on average how long a person wil stay on a page.

Total Page views is the total amount of views on each page.

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who dont visit more than one page.

Below the main statistics there are other useful statistics such as Browser stats, Mobile stats and top ten pages. the can be represented visually in a pie chart or in text depending on oyur preference.

Browser Stats

Analytics Pie Chart

Mobile Stats

Analytics Mobile Stats

Top ten pages

Analytics Top Ten

To access the text versions click the calender in the top right hand corner.

Analytics Calender Icon

Text version example

Analytics Text Version

You can also view stats between customs dates. This will allow you to view data between specific dates allowing you to compare data and monitor improvements on a day to day basis.

Analytics Calenders

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