12th November, 2014 by Dave McRobbie

The Need To Stay Uniqie In The Digital World.

I am going to need you to stick with me with my use of an analogy in this blog.

As with any young entity (that is what I still consider the digital marketplace to be) growing pains are always experienced, mistakes are made, knowledge is gained, advice is ignored and fun had.

If you can (here comes the analogy) think of the digital marketplace as a child approaching their young teenage years – making mistakes, gaining knowledge, having fun………...

Now, one thing that young teenagers tend to do (although this is not exclusive I concede) is make ‘noise’.

Stay Unique

This may be emotional ‘noise’ – simply by not interacting with others, talking to their parents/guardian etc. It may be creative/sporting/academic noise or it may be (and in many cases it is the case) physical noise…. “I’m not listening”, “I hate you”, playing music that you would never have listened to in your day at a noise level approaching a F1 car racing in an underground car park.

Noise, noise, noise. There is a lot of it in young teenagers, but within the noise is learning for the rest of us clues as to underlying thoughts, beliefs, emotions what makes each individual unique.

This is (in my opinion) replicated at this very moment in time within the digital marketplace;

• Think about Social Media – non-stop noise, and chatter - some of it emotional, lots of it irrational and (in some cases) libellous.

• Look at the sheer number of media outlets spewing noise (most of it bad) onto us through various digital channels – I bet you choose to ignore a lot of it.. and only focus on what interests you.

Noise, noise, noise.

But (as with young teenagers) within that noise some experiences and core truths are being exposed and we (and you) need to recognise those that interest us and our clients and increase our knowledge and exposure to them. Taking this learning forward is what will make us all unique in the digital world.

Consider the number of websites that do the same thing. Clearly there is a lot of duplication in the delivery of some services online (buying a product for example needs to follow the same process) – but there is also clearly an unawareness of the bigger digital picture (the learning from the noise).

This leads to duplication of thinking and therefore a duplication of outcome - think about the number of websites that look exactly the same – despite having a considerable amount of money spent on them.

Consider the need to learn for yourself from this noise when a digital agency, developer or creative proposes you adopt the latest design or technical trend that they believe is a game changer and will increase your market exposure and online revenue.You must do your research, see what is being talked about, hear what your clients and potential clients are saying – you may find that actually you want to follow a different path - a unique path - that may buck a particular convention but is ultimately right for your organisation and clients.

Listening and learning is what makes us unique, it informs our beliefs and experiences, it’s what makes young teenagers unique and increases our own understanding of them – so why would you not listen to the noise from the digital marketplace to maintain your own organisations uniqueness?

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