12th November, 2014 by Ben Russell-Vick

An Overview Of The Patterns Within User Experience.

User experience design or UX design appears within all digital design, whether it’s a website, web application or a piece of software it’s essential in order to engage the audience appropriately. Without a carefully thought out user experience a user can get easily confused and give up on the application all together within moments of first viewing it.

Dr. Donald Norman coined the term user experience. It derived from user-centered design, the notion that design should be based on the needs and wants of the users. This might seem obvious but when a design process is thought out it’s as important for it to be aesthetically pleasing as it is efficient in terms of it’s ease of use and simplicity. The importance of UX design is extremely important within mobile design, with the huge amount of people now browsing via a mobile device the interfaces have to be very intuitive. Certain aspects of mobile design have become common knowledge such as menu buttons and search icons. When these core features are portrayed it can help users familiarize with an interface.

The navigation is very important for the user experience; it must contain a clarity that communicates to your users in a direct and efficient way. It should avoid using technical names and icons that most people wouldn’t recognize and instead speak a literate language that everyday users will understand. The consistency and standards of icons and labels must be relevant within the context that it’s being designed for because users are looking for symbols and methods that they recognize. Rather than having to interpret information that is unfamiliar to them.

UX is still a developing field, and opportunities for improvement will continue to emerge. This is simply an overview of the key elements within user experience, and provides some basic guidelines. Ultimately by focusing on making an interface familiar to an everyday user has proven to be the safest and best way to create a simple overall user experience.

User Experience Chart

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